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We are a Firm dedicated to the provision of legal services, created more than two decades ago by the meeting of legal professionals who, in addition to being linked by a family bond that strengthens their commitment, have imprinted as a seal and distinctive on their work as lawyers, the vocation for depth in the study of the issues that are entrusted to them, and personalized dedication to the requirements of their clients.

Made up of partners whose independent professional practice has been nurtured with a recognized track record in the areas of jurisprudence, academia and arbitration, the Firm has forged its prestige based on its proven experience in both consulting and litigation, based on the Which your clients can count on receiving reliable advice and representation, inspired by the principles of seriousness, ethical behavior and legal excellence.

Consistent with these pillars, we have decided to maintain its structure as a firm of reduced size, which sometimes links, through alliances, other professionals of recognized suitability, which allows it to assure all its clients, both natural persons as legal, that the partners will be directly involved in the analysis, formulation of strategies and execution of the steps that are pertinent to the management of the entrusted matters.