The Truck Accidents And The Right Measures

After a truck accident, there are many questions: What should I do now? Where to with the broken car? Who pays the damage? We answer the most important questions about accidents and explain how lawyers help members. With the best lawyers you can actually come up with the best choices and get rid of the claim issues.

As you read this paragraph, something has crashed somewhere in Germany: statistically, an accident happens every twelve seconds in Germany. Mostly just sheet metal damage, but annoying for everyone involved. Hardly anyone really knows what to do now. We answer the ten most important questions – from filling out the accident report to enforcing your claims. Choose the truck accident lawyer with the best setup here. The best and the most educated lawyer can actually make you come up with the best deal.

What Do I Have To Do First After The Truck Accident?

Secure the scene of the accident: switch on the hazard lights and then set up the warning triangle. And it makes sense to put them on too. Especially on

  • Busy roads and with poor visibility. Provide first aid if necessary.
  • Then collect evidence. This includes photos of the accident site and
  • The damage to the cars. Look around for witnesses, record
  • Their personal details. Now comes the most important thing: Together with the opponent of the crash, fill out the accident report
  • It belongs in every glove compartment. All the data you need is recorded on the sheet. You can get the form free of charge in everyone

When Should I Call The Police After The Accident?

In any case, if rental and company cars are involved in the accident. Also in the case of major damage to property the police may not come in for small scratches. It should be called when someone has been injured. In addition, if you argue with the opponent or if he has made off. The police record that violated traffic rules. The use of the law firm comes perfect there.

A common mistake: The officials do not clarify who has to pay for the damage. Therefore, it makes no sense to discuss the liability issue with the police. Please note: Never burden yourself, details about the person and the vehicle are sufficient. From the truck accident attorney you can now find the best choices.

Accident Escape: Note On The Window Is Not Enough

Well-intentioned, but still wrong:  Anyone who just sticks a note with an apology, name and telephone number behind the windshield wiper of the damaged truck after parking rubble commits an accident and thus a crime. Here you can read what threatens to escape the driver and what you have to do after parking. Choose the best law firms for the solutions of such problems.

Who Cleans Up The Broken Glass, Where To Go By Car?

Everything is cleared up at the scene of the accident, now the truck has to go. If it has to be towed, you can always choose a workshop. What is not paid: having the truck brought from Stuttgart to Munich? In such a case, the opposing insurance only has to pay for towing to the nearest specialist workshop unless there are good reasons for a more distant one, such as an ongoing warranty. Incidentally, clearing sheet metal parts and broken glass is your business. The fire brigade is only responsible for serious accidents.

Which Insurance Company Is My Contact After The Accident?

The opponent’s, if the other is 100 percent liable, there is full compensation from his insurance. If you believe that you have at least a partial fault or the other party is making claims, you must inform your own motor vehicle liability company. The best attorneys are here for your support.

Then both insurance companies check the facts and take into account the information provided by the parties involved and by witnesses. In the end, it is about who takes over which share of the damage. The claims are regulated according to this liability rate. An example: In a parking lot, two cars collide. It’s hard to clarify which of you is more to blame. Here the insurance companies often assume 50:50. That means: Everyone gets half of the damage and other services such as rental cars. You have to carry the other 50 percent yourself. The truck accident attorney is the essential person in this.

Unless You Have Comprehensive Insurance

It is there for repairs to your truck if the opposing insurance pays only in part or not at all. However, you risk deterioration in the no-claims discount. Tip: You can often use the “quota privilege” to get back part of the money for this downgrading and the deductible for the opposing vehicle liability. You should seek advice from a lawyer for this.

When Can The Workshop Start?

In the event of minor damage of up to around $ 1,000, insurance is sufficient for a workshop estimate with photos of the car. If it is a more expensive repair or a total loss, she takes over the invoice for the appraiser. The best legal help is underway there.

You are free to choose this expert – the law firm helps with the search. Submit the report to the insurance company. Now the workshop should finally get started after all you want your car. For the personal option this is important.

Back quickly. In the ideal case, the insurance will already cover the repair costs. It is clear that it pays. Without this promise, the workshop can also settle directly with the insurance company. This requires a declaration of assignment from you.

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